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This Teeming World is an initiative of Stichting Glubbdubdrib and is supported by Artis Bibliotheek (UvA Special Collections), Artis Zoo, KNAW / Akademie van Kunsten.


Next Expedition:

12 December, 2016

17.00 -19.00



Artis Library, Amsterdam

Plantage Middenlaan 45



10 euro p.p. and can be reserved


Limited tickets available!


This Teeming World invites active participation and sharing of knowledge by the audience, driven by critical thinking, curiosity, aesthetics and pleasure.


For centuries artists and scientists, driven by curiositas, have tried to lay the world bare, to take ownership of it and to represent it. ‘This Teeming World’ is a series of seven cultural expeditions at the University of Amsterdam’s Artis Library and Artis Zoo started on March 31, 2016 with the first edition ‘The Library A Jungle’.


The Artis Library houses a breathtaking collection of books, prints, drawings and curiosities from the early modern period onwards. Exploring this remarkable collection, contemporary artists, writers, philosophers, musicians and scientists will invite our audience to join them on a fresh expedition in search for how knowledge was and is produced in the past and present.


Each edition will feature two guests – artists and scientists – whose work and research is related to our themes, such as ‘expeditions and discoveries’, ‘mapping the world’, ‘instruments’, ‘determination’, ‘zoos and animal enclosures’ and ‘Hortus Conclusus’.